The EUROKOMAX Ltd. was established in 1997, by the hungarian owners. Prefix „EURO” was attached in 2007 to the original company name because we felt the new name expresses better our developing international activities. Now we are represented by our own subsidiaries in Slovakia and Romania and we supply our business partners regularly in Serbia and Germany.

The main activities of EUROKOMAX are importing and distributing equipments for the construction industry, agriculture and gardening. Beside of course we repair and service all the equipments we import and we repair other brands as well. Aditionally we have a lot of equipments for rent. Our focus is on supplying wide, professional product range: from the simple drilling machines to the high-tech asphalt rollers there are several equipments can be found on our stock. The ever widening product range is always adapted to the customers' demand.

We feel the importance of being able to offer for our customers and distributors reliable products from the leader brands of the international market by the direct importer. This ensure the high quality, continuous product development and spare parts availability.
Technical and sales trainings for our business partners are regularly held with the participation of the experts of the manufacturers.

In order to be able to offer proper stock and competitive prices we order the goods in big quantities and outside of our facility we rent warehouse for the storage demand.
Despite of our competitive prices we do not want to be the cheapest, but we aim offering the best price/value ratio of the quality products. We are sure of making decision based only on the prices one never will be satisfied because sooner or later a cheaper product can be found.

For several years we exhibit on the CONSTRUMA International Building Trade Exhibition and on the Agro-Mash Expo Agricultural and Gardening exhibiton. Our romanian and slovakian subsidiaries represent EUROKOMAX at exhibitions in their countries as well.

Our services:

  • Country-wide distributor and repair network
  • Leasing, favorable paying conditions
  • Repair, central repair shop at our facility
  • Rental equipments, even for the time of repairing
  • Used equipments compensation, consignee of used machine for selling
  • Spare parts from stock, special parts upon request with short delivery time
  • Technical consulting
  • Technical and sales trainings for our business partners
  • Demonstration and testing of the products
  • Next day delivery by us or with courier
  • Easy parking by our facility


The most important supplier of our HEATERS, DEHUMIDIFIERS AND AIR-CONDITIONERS is the European market leader MCS with the MASTER brand.

The electrical handtools, equipments and the gardening equipments are delivered by MAKITA.

All the petrol engines are manufactured by HONDA (except 2-cycle engines).

If you need any kind of construction or gardening equipments, you need them have repaired or want to rent please do not hesitate to contact us!

Visit us at our facility or upon request our well trained and prepared colleague visit you anywhere in the country!

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